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Amazon’s New Lightweight Echo Buds: Better Battery Life, Affordable Price

Amazon’s New Lightweight Echo Buds: Better Battery Life, Affordable Price

Amazon is taking a different approach with its latest iteration of Echo Buds, opting for a more lightweight design compared to its predecessors. The new Echo Buds no longer feature noise cancellation or different-sized silicone tips. Instead, they come with a single pair of silicone covers, allowing them to fit a wider range of users. The design also incorporates a “semi-in-ear” style, meaning that outside sounds will not be completely blocked, enabling users to remain aware of their surroundings.

Despite the removal of some features, the new Echo Buds still offer several interesting functionalities. The revamped design has allowed Amazon to significantly improve battery life, with the earbuds now capable of lasting up to 20 hours on a single charge when the case is fully powered. In contrast, the previous generation Echo Buds could only manage up to 10 hours with the case.

The new Echo Buds retain several features from previous versions. Users can access Alexa for tasks such as setting reminders or resuming podcasts directly through the earbuds. The touch controls can be customized to perform actions like playing music, answering calls, or muting the microphones with a double tap. The earbuds are equipped with two microphones and a voice detection accelerometer, enabling them to distinguish between the wearer’s voice during calls and other surrounding sounds. Additionally, multipoint pairing allows for audio switching between two devices simultaneously. The VIP Filter feature lets users select which notifications they want to hear and which ones to keep silent.

Interestingly, the latest Echo Buds bear similarities to Apple’s original AirPods, featuring a similar one-size-fits-all design and the absence of noise cancellation. However, Amazon’s offering comes at a significantly lower price point. While AirPods cost around $140, the Echo Buds are priced at $40. It should be noted that at the time of writing, the new Echo Buds are only available for purchase in the United States, with pre-orders currently being accepted. The release date for the Echo Buds is set for June 7.

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