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Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Set for Major Software Update: Clear Calling, Super Wide Band Speech, and More

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Set for Major Software Update: Clear Calling, Super Wide Band Speech, and More

Google is preparing a significant software update for its Pixel Buds Pro, following the release of two previous updates since the headphones’ launch in July 2022. The forthcoming update will introduce Clear Calling, a feature aimed at enhancing call quality by filtering out background noise and improving voice clarity, particularly in noisy environments.

Clear Calling has already been introduced on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, and it has been well received for its ability to reduce background noise to a manageable level. It remains unclear whether the Clear Calling feature on the Pixel Buds Pro will operate solely on the headphones or if it will depend on the connected phone.

In addition to Clear Calling, the software update will also bring support for “Super Wide Band speech,” which aims to enhance the quality of voice calls by increasing the audio bandwidth from 16 to 32 kHz. Google has been working on supporting this feature in Android’s Bluetooth stack.

Super Wide Band Speech is expected to provide higher audio quality than the previous HD Voice, which was enabled by Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Carriers may need to make adjustments to fully support the improved audio quality offered by Super Wide Band speech, as indicated by the mention of “5G voice services” in the Bluetooth SIG paper.

The forthcoming update for Pixel Buds Pro will also include hearing-related Digital Wellbeing features. While specifics are not provided, it is speculated that these features could analyze users’ listening habits and volume levels. It would be interesting to see if the update includes a broader feature that analyzes ambient sound levels, similar to the functionality found on the Apple Watch.

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