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1Password Launches Two Passkey Features to Accelerate a Passwordless Future

1Password Launches Two Passkey Features to Accelerate a Passwordless Future

TORONTO, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 1Password, the leader in human-centric security and privacy, today announced two passkey features to continue its leadership with passkey adoption. Today, 1Password will begin to offer customers the ability to save and sign into online accounts with passkeys. This summer, early adopters can begin unlocking their 1Password account with a passkey.

“Our mission is to help people safeguard their digital identities and by doubling down on passkeys, we’re providing users with both greater security and ease of use,” said Steve Won, chief product officer of 1Password. “Passkeys have reached a tipping point and people are beginning to navigate a hybrid state of authentication methods. As we transition to a passwordless future, 1Password is committed to ensuring people can safely access their credentials no matter how they want to authenticate – and across all devices.”

Save and sign in with passkeys (available in public beta today) enables users to create and store passkeys in their 1Password vault, and sign in to their accounts with them through the 1Password beta browser extension.

  • Passkeys are synced across devices and all platforms and 1Password automatically remembers which websites and apps users have signed in with passkeys.
  • Passkeys can be shared securely with other 1Password users by simply adding them to a shared vault or providing access to anyone via item sharing.
  • A Watchtower alert informs users when the apps and services they use start supporting passkeys, so they can upgrade their logins.

Unlock 1Password with a passkey (exclusively available in private beta in July) allows customers to create a new, free 1Password account to preview the passkey login functionality, replacing the need for an account password and secret key combination.

Recent 1Password research found that when consumers were shown an example of passkeys, 75% say they’d consider using them. Passkeys are a more secure replacement for passwords and built on authentication standards set by the FIDO Alliance. Delivering on both security and ease of use, passkeys are the next generation of security and the first authentication method that removes human error. As a board-level member of the FIDO Alliance, 1Password is building a universal and interoperable, password-free sign-in experience for all.

“Since we first announced the concept of synced passkeys a year ago, we’ve seen remarkable market interest and significant early adoption as businesses around the world accelerate their efforts to eliminate the threat and hassle of passwords,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director of FIDO Alliance. “For this vision to become a global reality, it’s critical that users have an array of secure, trusted options for where to store their passkeys – including with cross-ecosystem credential providers like 1Password, a vital contributor to so many of our passkey efforts within FIDO Alliance.”

To learn more about these new features, visit our website here. For more information about 1Password’s plans for passkey support, visit To see the websites, apps, and services currently offering passkey support, visit

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1Password’s human-centric security keeps people safe, at work and at home. Our solution is built from the ground up to enable anyone – no matter their level of technical proficiency – to navigate the digital world without fear or friction. The company’s award-winning security platform is reshaping the future of authentication, including passwordless. 1Password is trusted by over 100,000 businesses such as IBM, Slack, Snowflake, Shopify, and Under Armour and protects the most sensitive information of millions of individuals and families across the globe. The company’s ultimate goal is to help consumers and businesses get more done in less time – with security and privacy as a given. Learn more at

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